Saturday, August 2, 2008

Brother and Sister

I was tipped off at work before this session that the "A" kids are gorgeous... indeed they are!

I never start out with storyboards in a preview but I really LOVE these! It's the perfect answer to my husband's question today. He asked, "Why do you use lollipops in pictures with toddlers?" Because at first (before the lollipops) I usually get nice beautiful yet subtle pictures like these...

And then sometimes, a whole different side comes out! (p.s. I am not above bribing is the real answer!)

A few more of my favorites. These were all taken at Lilypons Water Gardens in Adamstown, MD. Beautiful scenery for photographs and we probably didn't even cover 1/10th of all that it has to offer!

I am dying to know what she's thinking about here:

And just because I like this one so much, I'm including it twice!

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