Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome to the world little A!

Today I photographed the most adorable little 4-week old I've ever photographed....okay he's the only 4-week old I've ever photographed!!! But... he was so perfect, truely a miracle baby and it was such a pleasure meeting him, his mom and his Grandma.

This post is going to be very pic heavy because I don't see how I anyone could pick and choose between these. Funny how when I think that I can't possibly have any more favorite photographs, I now have about 10 more. Okay, okay... there's 11 here but it's allowed because I don't have another newborn session on the schedule until November!

Is this not the cutest thing ever caught on camera?

A very special blanket made for him by his proud big sister!

This special delivery photo was inspired by the extremely talented photographer Amber from Little Moon Photography.


Susan and Tony said...

Very very cute but mine better be even better cause you love me! I love the feet!

Jen said...

oh the little socks are too cute!! great job!

I actually had THE same idea for a shoot once , I even went out and bought the moses basket, but the parents were not into the idea when I brough it. Hmph! Oh well. I though I could try it again with Alison when she was a newborn but unfortunately she would never sleep anywhere else other than next to my side, so I never was able to get those great "asleep" newborn shots (she always woke up immediately when moved)

Little Moon Photography said...

Adorable, did you do those in studio? Great job!!