Monday, August 11, 2008

"Where Should We Go?"

I thought I'd put together a list of suggestions for photos since not everyone is aware of all of the spectacular locations in our area. You might not think so but the best location may just be inside your home or your own back yard. I can think of no better props to include than the family dog, mom and dad's bed (i.e. think kids jumping on it!!), your little one's favorite doll or having an unlimited supply of clothing changes at your hand. Don't want photos at your home or not happy with your landscaping?

Consider the following locations or get creative and suggest your own!

Fairfield, PA area:

  • Windborne Farm Cut Flowers - a beautiful flower farm!
  • Gettysburg Battlefields - gorgeous rolling fields, split rail fences, mountain scenery and lots of red barns and a covered bridge down the road
  • Fairfield Park - lake, rock bed stream and a few ducks have been known to show up every now and then
  • Renfrew Museum and Park (Waynesboro) - Victorian period barn, restored smokehouse and milk house, barn and farm house
  • Downtown Gettysburg - great for urban-type photos, alley ways, old doors and even the local icecream shop makes for a great background! The newly renovated Majestic Theater is a unique photo as is the colorful old train station.
  • Downtown Emmitsburg, MD - old buildings make an awesome backdrop and even the local laundry mat is fair game! Check out my post titled "Fun, Different and Totally Gorgeous" for some ideas.
  • Gettysburg College and Mount Saint Mary's University - colleges always have beautiful landscaping and vast green space. These old buildings also make for a urban-type backdrop as well.

Frederick County, MD area:

  • Cunningham Falls - this maybe as close to the beach as we can get around here! Cunningham Falls offers a sandy beach area with a large lake (Note: Cunningham Falls charges a $5 per person admission fee)
  • Gambrill State Park - an overlook with stunning views, stone buildings and nature abound!
  • Fountain Rock Nature Center - Walkersville - boardwalk, water, nature and old structures work beautifully together!
  • Downtown Frederick - this downtown historic district offers the best of both worlds, urban-type photos with all of Frederick's unique architecture and classic photos at the Carroll Creek Linear Park with beautiful cascading waterfalls and suspension bridges.
  • Baker Park - this location seems to be an area favorite. I can't say I disagree because there's so much to see and do here... Culler Lake home to many of Frederick's friendliest ducks, covered bridge, baseball fields, bandshell pavillion, bell tower and fountain
  • Hood College - old buildings, nice landscaping!
  • Lilypons Water Gardens -acres and acres of colored aquatic flowers, lily pads, koi fish and beautiful park-like settings. (Note: due to the hours of the gardens evening sessions are not available here)
  • Surrey Brooke Gardens, Middletown-as beautiful as it sounds!
  • Catoctin Mountain Orchard - beautiful orchard with many colorful options. I prefer to shoot here in the evenings.
  • Walkersville Southern Railroad - need I say more?!!! Turn of the century railroad station, train tracks, vintage 1920s passenger cars. The train also operates May-October on Saturdays and Sundays for an extra special treat after the photo session!
  • Main Street USA - any one of Frederick's municipalites offers a diverse walking setting which is sure to uncover some unique photographs waiting to be taken. This is one of my favorite things to do!

I'm sure there's many more that I haven't discovered yet so I'll be adding to this list as I see them. I'm always on the lookout for great locations!

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Anonymous said...

Sandy--thanks for the note on my blog! Very helpful stuff--thanks! Just curious what your process is for proofing photos. Actions? Just in PhotoShop? (If you want to email me: I just love the colors your photos have and the sharpness. (I actually did run a defog on my photos from today's post and they're still muddy. UGH!)