Friday, August 8, 2008

New Christmas Cards and Gift Tags... and Logo!

I'm getting ready for my new website and I am trying to streamline things. I chose the name "Lucky Ladybug Photography" for 3 reasons:

1. Sandy Wagerman Photography is way too long to type (and hard to spell) in a web browser!
2. Photography by Sandy was already taken
3. Lucky Ladybug is special to me since that's what I call my daughter and she's the reason for everything I do.

So there you have it. Soon, this blog will automatically forward to a link on my new site so no need to change your bookmark.

And finally, here's a new set of Christmas cards and photo gift tags. I love these! A set of 25 cards sized at 5x7 are $50 and they can be made into fold-over cards (so that you can write a message on the inside) for an additional $15. For the gift tags, they are sized at 2x4 and a set of 3 tags are $5.

Christmas Wonder Holiday Cards (click to view larger):

Christmas Wonder Photo Gift Tags (click to view larger):

1 comment:

Mommy07 said...

Hey Sandy- love the new name. I think I told you my ladybug story too....if I ever get my photography thing going I will have to incorporate the ladybug or buggy boy thing in there somewhere as well!!!

Maddy is so big and so cute- glad you guys are having a great time with her this summer =)