Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Photographer's Child Sydrome

There is a little joke among child photographers that their own children become so jaded from their crazy parent's quest for the perfect photo and enduring having a million photos taken of them per day; therefore, they become a typical photographer's child, refusing to take any and all photos.

I've been pretty lucky with Madeline so far. At 20 months, she's had a lot of photos taken of her. I put hats on her, I put her in fancy dresses and I sit her on the grass *oh the horrors!* and she usually models for me quite nicely. Most of the time I have to run through my bag of tricks though, I sing, I dance, I sneeze, I bark (that one used to be her favorite), I tell her she can have a lollipop when we're finished...whatever works long enough for me to get a decent shot.

Yesterday, I wanted her to model a gorgeous dress that her Aunt Susie recently sent to her. She was not having it. As soon as I took my camera out of the bag, she started to cry. I'm afraid I may be pushing my luck with her lately.

It's so much easier with other people's kids!

So folks, the moral of this story here is that your kids have not heard my song and dance for the millionth time yet, or my fake sneeze and they haven't grown bored of my lollipops. And they might actually think that me stinking my tongue out at them is funny. So don't ever feel like your kid won't cooperate or isn't going to be a good model. They always come around!

It's not until photo #4,000,001 'til they catch on!


Jen said...

oh ain't THAT the truth!!! Unfortunately Alison has never been a "model" for her photo crazed mama, she has never worn a bow or hat in her hair for more than 4 seconds (Ive counted) and wont sit on grass without immediately breaking out into tears lol
Oh well. Cheers to you again with your photography, I know that you have talent and that you have a definite way with kids - it shines in all of the photos!!

Anonymous said...


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