Friday, August 8, 2008

"Daddy, I want a pony"

I am finally caught up on editing all of the sessions from this week! Whew! I don't like feeling behind (even though I tell people that proofs will be ready in a week) and plus, I don't work on my own photos until I have everyone else's finished... which sometimes means my own stuff gets neglected.

Today, my husband and I took the day off today to take Madeline to Gettysburg's "Land of the Little Horses" and since I'm finished editing, I have a few personal photos to share. Now I will admit, when I'm out and about with my family, I don't worry so much about exposure, good lighting, etc... I just try to have fun.

Our daughter is fascinated with all animals and can sign for horse now so we thought it was a great time to show her some little ponies! I love this place. The horses are so friendly and there's a donkey wandering around to greet people and Madeline looooved the horses! She kept saying "woof woof" at them all, I guess when they are that minature, they do look like large dogs! She wasn't afraid to touch any of them and in fact, I had to keep her from sticking her fingers in their noses.

Life is so much sweeter with kids, agreed?


Sarah said...

Aw, SO cute! I couldn't find your new site for the longest time--luckily you posted on Jen's blog and I found you again! (Hope that doesn't sound stalkerish!) Your photography is getting so strong, wow. Gorgeous pictures and it sounds like everything's going really well!

Jen said...

I admit, I miss seeing Madeline's beautiful face on the old blog- so I nearly jumped for joy when I saw this post! She looks amazing. And I can totally relate as the mom photographer how I just shoot "for fun" when I am out with my is so funny because I don't care about composition or focus because when I'm out with my fam as I just want to ENJOY my time and not be "working"! Anyway, love this post. thanks for sharing :)