Tuesday, June 2, 2009


You know those people you meet sometimes that just seem so geniune about the way they care for one another, the way they treat other people and just their outlook on life itself? That's how I felt about meeting the B family. I felt like I was just there in the background with my camera peaking in on their every day real lives. I must say that I was totally honored that they from Alexandria, VA to meet me in Frederick for photographs. I am humbled but really happy that I was able to capture some incredible moments between the three of them .

Thank you so much C & A for trusting me to capture your beautiful new family. It was truly my pleasure meeting you and I wish the three of you much happiness, luck and good health where your upcoming travels take you.

Anyone who is familiar with my work knows that I am a total sucker for shots like these but only when I can tell they are "real". And although I take some "traditional" family photos, they're never my favs :)

Even Prince Charming needs his rest.

Happy Father's Day to this lucky dad!! What a special gift he has received this year! :)


Angela said...

Sandy, I do not even know what to say. These pictures brought us to tears! You are a true artist!! To have these emotions on paper for a lifetime is priceless! Thank you for giving that to us.

Thank you for the kind words. We enjoyed ourselves just as much! We cannot wait to see the rest.

Meagan said...

Just gorgeous. I think these are some of my favorites of yours ever!