Sunday, June 7, 2009

What to wear this summer!

Greetings! I spent this weekend recovering from a work trip to Kansas City, MO so I purposely didn't book any sessions. Just a word of advice, always fly direct whenever possible. What was supposed to be a layover going to and from turned into a nightmare both times. KC is a beautiful city but I am so glad to be home!

Some of my fellow photographers very generously put together some gorgeous summer wardrobe ensembles for family sessions and since they allowed it, I thought I'd share few here. "What should we wear?" is usually the first question I am usually asked and I thought these photos were a great illustration of what coordinated but not matching means. I am a firm believer that clothes are an important decision in a family portrait, sometimes even more so than the location because clothes can add that interest and color that a location sometimes can't. I love accessories, layers and hats in a photo. These are pretty "safe" below but just imagine what these photos would look like with mom's favorite necklace and a summer scarf or a coordinated hat for the little girl. I could actually go back through several of my most recent family sessions and show you exactly what I think works well so please use my portfolio for your own inspiration too!

These clothes are actually available right now in stores. Makes me want to go shopping!

When I get caught up in editing this week, I'd like to create some of my own "What to Wear" groupings here as well... hmmm... maybe this could be a regular blog posting? That might be asking for too much!

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