Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lucky Baby

...and lucky parents! I am thrilled to present the first official portraits of this perfect baby who was highly anticipated by his parents and his mom's co-workers! He was definitely worth the (long) wait!

Thank you M & T for allowing me to come back and document this beautiful time in your life. He is absolutely a beautiful baby. Here are a sampling of some of my favorites.

It is definitely a blessing catching smiles on camera, but even more special when they are with mom.

I have done this newborn pose a few times but this hat that his mom had gives this pose a whole new meaning!

Pretty sure this pouty lip is one of the cutest newborn expressions I've been able to capture.

Because I was already at their home for maternity photographs, I knew that he had already amounted quite the Dr. Seuss book collection so I couldn't wait to do this shot.

I love it when I'm fortunate enough to be able to do "Before and After" shots!

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yan palmer said...

gasp! that first one knocks me out with that smile!!! and i love the creative dr. suess shot!