Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday Girl!

Beautiful Miss K is turning two and when her mom contacted me to take some photos of her... I knew I really wanted to include some girly props because this little girl has FOUR big brothers! But boy oh boy do they adore her and look after her! She was so, so sweet for me and so much fun!!! These were taken at the most beautiful Catoctin Mountain Orchard. I try to always suggest this location to each client that requests outdoor photos because it's my absolute favorite place to photograph. It also doesn't hurt that I have wonderful family who own it and take fabulous care of the grounds!

Thank you so much especially to mom for being okay with the messy ice cream cone idea. I really had a blast!


Fairfield Knights Youth Wrestling said...
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Shari said...

So you did get one in the chair. You are quick!!!

diana palmer said...

sandy, i feel like i'm in her world, and its lovely there. she's a beautiful little one and the pictures match!