Monday, October 27, 2008

'Tis the Season. Almost.

I thought that this past rainy and very gloomy Saturday would be a great day to try to get some photos of Madeline in my home studio for the annual Wagerman Christmas card. My plan is to go simple this year, nothing too Christmasy because I have a pretty simple card template that I love and want the photos to reflect the theme and colors of the card. I plan to have them print them double-sided and print them on gorgeous watercolor paper. The layout calls for a series of 3 photos so here's what I tried:

First idea... Fur hooded-coat with red backdrop.
As soon as I put the hood over her head, this is what she did. She acted like she couldn't move in it. She just froze. Hey Happy Holidays folks, doesn't she look like the epitomy of "happy"?

Second idea... Pettskirt on a white chair.

I have used this skirt before during photo sessions but have never gotten a photo of her in it. It was $70 so I'm trying to get my money's worth! ha! Nothing screams "Merry Christmas" like this photo here:

Third attempt... Crocheted hat and cute boots.

Not too shabby here but she's covering her mouth and doing what she's does, putting her fingers in her mouth.

In the end, I got some really great photos that I'm really happy with! And of course, I can't share them here because that would spoil the card!


Mommy07 said...

That last outfit is so.freaking.cute!!!

I am so undecided whether I should take my own christmas card pictures or use some from the photographer...kinda want to take my own, it's always fun!

Maddie is cute as always, isn't she a christmas eve baby?? Gosh almost TWO, wow =)

Erin said...

Maddie is so CUTE