Friday, October 24, 2008

Courage and the Beauty of Photographs

I don't talk a lot here about my Madeline but today, not unlike many days, she is my inspiration for this photography venture and inspiration for everything I do.

I took her outside this morning to take her photograph in her cute hat. I just figured on getting one or two so I leaned her against the bench and asked her to smile. I had to lean her, because at 22 months, Madeline is not walking. Her condition that affects her brain and balance/motor skills has delayed her physcial abilities.

Now there was no doubt in our minds that she could walk and we knew that she had the physical ability but not the courage to do so. I kept wondering how I could convince her that she could walk? Without warning, she just walked towards my camera today and I of course, got to photograph it and now am able to relive this moment forever!


Mommy07 said...

Oh my gosh- YAY!!!!!! What an amazing moment, and caught on film, doesn't get much better =)


Jen said...

Madeline-- We are SO proud and excited for you (and your mommy and daddy)!!
You continue to inspire so many everywhere!! Big -HUG- and hello from Alison. :-)

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO MADDIE!!! You are such a BIG girl!!


Anonymous said...

I do hope you go back in your posts and read comments. I am just a lurker but used to visit Miracle Maddie. I am so happy for her and you guys, what a wonder hurtle she has crossed. She is such a beautiful girl. Congratulation on your photography business. You are doing a wonderful job. I hope one day to do what you are doing.

Amy in Oregon

tracie said...

lurker here ... in tears! i'm fairly new to your blog, so didn't even know you had a 'little maddie.'

what a blessing! big congrats to maddie!

Sarah said...

OMG, I have tears in my eyes. How amazing to catch such a life-changing moment on camera! And she looks SO proud of herself--and determined! Go Maddy!