Thursday, October 23, 2008


I recently had two necklaces ordered at the around the same time and when they came in, I really had a hard time letting them go because they're gorgeous! I would've worn them in a heartbeat... even though they are someone else's kids ;) I can picture it now:

Stranger: "Excuse me mam, the photo of your child on that necklace is adorable!! And where on Earth did you get that necklace?!!"

Me: "Thanks! Oh that's not my kid, my kid is right here. It is just a photo of someone's child that I know but I wear this necklace beause I love it so much."

Here are the two cutie pie twins from the Cunningham Falls session on a double lariat pendant with a black leather rope necklace:

Here's baby A from a summer session, who is by the way, practically all grown up now! This is a Forest Couture gemstone necklace with a 30x20 pendant with double-sided images:

Yep, I'd definitely wear 'em!

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Anonymous said...

I would wear them too!