Monday, October 6, 2008

Being a mom

I had two very fun sessions this weekend and the weather was divine!!! On Saturday, I photographed a 16th birthday party which was a blast to do and on Sunday, I had a great session with a gorgeous teenager and her little dog in downtown Frederick. We even got to go into a store and tried on hats and accessories!

My plan was to have some favorites blogged last night from both of these but... my little girl was terribly sick last night. She somehow caught a violent stomach bug that kept her (and me!) up all night long.

I have often said that the only bad thing about being a mom is the helpless feeling you have when your child is sick. During Madeline's 21 months here on this Earth, she has experienced more than her fair share of illness and I, have just always wished for a magic wand to be able to take it all away. Yes, it is the worst part about being a mom but I'm always so thankful in the end to see her happy face when she's all better!

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Jen said...

yeah i love Matilda Jane and Gap too! I cannot wait to get A a MJ dress and photograph her in it!! Oh and Naartjie ... so fun!!