Thursday, October 9, 2008

I feel like I have to forewarn you...'s cuteness overload in these photos. From the moment I met this big sister, she was full of giggles, happiness and curiosity. And from the moment I met this little baby, my heart melted.

We went to the Gettysburg sunflower field for what was my last time there until next year. I will miss you sunflower field... thanks for the memories... ha ha!
Okay, now that you've been warned, I am not responsible if your heart melts too! :)


Anonymous said...

These pictures turned out better than I ever expected. It's difficult to get young children (especially mine) to do exactly what we want, but these are really great. I was thinking about going black-and-white, but seeing these vibrant colors I may change my mind

Mommy CM

Jessica (Glover) Hearn said...

Christine's babies are so cute! She told us how good of a job you did and she was right! They are beautiful!

I will definitely be keeping you in mind for when I get my childrens' pictures taken.

Hope everything else is going well!

Jessica (Glover) Hearn

Dolores said...

Of course they are beautiful - they are MY grnadchildren..... :-)

Very natural and relaxed.

Grandmommy DG