Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Policy Changes

These changes have been reflected on my website but I wanted to post them here as well. Due to the limited number of sessions I offer, it becomes necessary from time-to-time to have to turn away people who have requested specific dates and times that have already been booked. Many times, I have book dates and times well in advance.

I fully understand that life is unexpected, kids get sick, and unfortunately things happen that are beyond our control. Sometimes I feel like the queen of unforseen and unexpected life events!

I just ask that when you book a session, you are commiting to a date and time with me. For this commitment, I am now requiring that the session fee be paid upfront to reserve a date/time. The session fee is non-refundable but is transferable in the event that something unforseen happens.

I hope you understand. It pains me to have booked dates and times for people months ago who decided they could no longer commit to that time because I guarantee that I had to turn someone else away from the date due to already having booked it for someone else. I also reserve space for you on my website calendar which is public.

Thanks so much!!!

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