Saturday, May 2, 2009

Love this family

Do you know how I booked this session? I just emailed my dear friend here and said, "You have an appointment at this time and location. Will not take any excuses, except maybe if you're on your deathbed, but only then, just maybe." Amber is the kindest and most warm-hearted person, so much so that she would never think to schedule photos with HER in them!

Sometimes life gets in the way and we think we're too busy for photos and we think, "Ah well, I take photos all the time with my good old Kodak camera, that's good enough." But, how many of them are really timeless? And how often are us moms in the photos? And those photos that we have of us as children with our parents, how many do we have that we cherish? I know I only have a handful with my parents and I old onto them tightly. I think photos are just as much for our kids one day as they are for us. Anyway, I loved doing these and I love this family. Maybe one day we can convince dad to join!

Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mom and beautiful friend!

This photo makes my heart sing! The matilda jane clothes, the flowers, but especially the look of geniune happiness.

Love everything about this photo too. The fishing lure in his hands, his stance with his feet together and his John Wayne hat.

She didn't want to hold the parasol so he held it for her over her head!

I actually have quite a few of her smiling into the camera but I really love this.

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Jen said...

these photos just make me wish you lived much closer!! i so need some shots of me and miss A!!!
p.s. love the last shot especially of mom and her kids in the field. nice work!