Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ummmm, wow.

That's what I said when they stepped out of the car looking so gorgeous. They get the prize for driving the longest distance for a photo session with me, two hours... but I am so overly confident that the results were well worth it.

You just can't beat shots like these anywhere else but Gettysburg.

As the sun was just about to go completely down, the sky had a pink tint to it, which of course perfectly matched her shirt. Why wouldn't anything else have gone so perfectly?!!

I wanted to do a cartwheel when I saw her yellow dress that matched the Black-Eyed Susans I found today.

Why do I like this photo so much? Because mom and dad are ripped... and I get to do newborn photos with those muscles, yippie!!!

Oh yes folks, I do have an indoor area in my home for photographs, it's small and I never use it since I do like to go to people's homes but it but it is available!

Thank you so much for driving out here to my home today, having to witnessing my daughter's meltown, and for such beautiful people inside and out. I am so excited to meet baby P very soon!

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