Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday!

I had been really looking forward to photograping this little guy because I knew ahead of time just how adorable he was going to be! I went to school with his mommy and it was a pleasure to get to photograph him in honor of his first birthday. I love how this job has given me the opportunity to reconnect with people and see how beautiful their families have grown to be.

This shot here is my favorite for several reasons: okay, he looks adorable number 1, number 2 he's throwing a ball and his mom was (probably still is!) a really good softball player, and number 3, he's playing in the birthday gift that his incredibly wonderful godmother gave him, who also happened to gift him with this session with me. Yep, it's my favorite.
This one is a close second!

Oh wait, this one might be my favorite?

Of course no first birthday is complete without cake!

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