Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cup 'O Valentine

I had so much fun with this ADOR.A.BLE baby and his fun mommy on Sunday! If I got this Valentine in my mailbox, I think I would squeal out loud when I opened it!

If you look closely, the X photograph says "Mommy" and the O photograph says Daddy, thanks to his super creative mom for the cute attire!

If these do not make you smile, then I'm pretty sure you need to have yourself checked out ;)

And finally, I do like these kinds of photographs when kids are just as adorable with a pouty face as they are with a smile! He did not appreciate being a Cup 'O Valentine as you can see!!


Caitlin said...

HA! What an awesome session!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine said...

Oh my that last picture is priceless..seriously priceless I LOVE IT! Sandy come to Vancouver please please please. Hope you and Maddy are all well.
Happy Photographing!!
Christine -Mommy to Gabriella

Paula Hickson Photography Blog said...

These are precious!!!!!!!