Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beautiful Perspective

One of the best things about this job is getting to see people I haven't seen in forever from a totally different view. Today I met with this beautiful girl that I went to high school with who also goes by the name "mommy" now too. Her daughter just stole my heart with her gorgeous eyes, sweet smile and the sweetest disposition. This job has turned me in to a total sap. I can't help it!
Sometimes the hardest thing for me is picking a few favs to preview here on my blog because I tend to pick different ones that speak to me for whatever reason, but... hands down, this one is my favorite shot of the day:

From one Steelers fan to another, this one makes me grin from ear to ear because she's doing "Touchdown Steelers!" which also happend to be one of my own daughter's very first signs. Love the hair :)

I also love these kinds of shots. I took this one in the beginning when she was still skeptical of me and my camera. I love how she's holding onto her mommy for security, a classic mommy-daughter pose.

K--I know this was supposed to be a Valentine's Day mini-session but I have sooooooo many favs to send you! Thank you so much for inviting me over today!

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Anonymous said...

These are awesome. Love them all.