Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Someone get this kid an agent--QUICK!

I've had a lot of great sessions lately, lots of them at Baker Park and how can I argue with that... it's gorgeous this time of year there. This little girl and her mommy just made my life easy on this day. I think I could've just sat down on the bench and still have gotten a ton of great photographs. She was so happy, so giggly, and so darn CUTE!!!! Can you believe she's only 3? Here's to hoping that mine is this easy when she's 3... .ha ha, wishful thinking!

Love, love, LOVE this one... this one should be on the cover of the Fall edition of a Child magazine :) Speaking of magazines, more to come on that subject later!

Love the realness of this one. Not posed, they just naturally adore one another!

Even her mean face is cute!

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