Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Celebrate Gettysburg with me!

So here's my exciting news! I emailed the beautiful publication, Celebrate Gettysburg magazine, about ad rates for next year. I am thinking about developing a real marketing plan as a way to reach more folks in that area after a few recent photography inquiries from Montgomery County, MD. So far, I've been doing really well by word-of-mouth only but only a small portion of my clients have been from Adams County. I picked that magazine as a likely possibility because it's a fresh publication, similar to what Frederick Magazine offers Frederick County residents, and they reach my target audience.

To my surprise, the publisher emailed me back with some nice words after viewing my website and asked if I'd like to become a freelance photographer! I recently met with her and I'm so excited to be involved with such an up-and-coming and very needed publication.

So be assured that I will give you plenty of advanced notice when my photos appear so that you can buy them up with me... ha ha! In the meantime, check it out!


Jen said...

wow, congrats! That's kind of one of those things I dreamed about doing.. almost had the chance back in Newport but just wasn't there long enough to see it through unfortunately! So girl, you are LIGHT years ahead of me, you are really rockin' this photog thing!!!! Awesome-ness!!!!

Brooke said...

WOW!!! That is some great news! You really ARE awesome, and this just proves it. I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to start checking out your famous print:)