Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Update

I thought it was supposed to be Spring already? I'm still anxiously awaiting Spring weather over here... a rain-out today but I had a great time hosting a Matilda Jane Trunk Show. Didn't get an invite? Well then maybe it's because you're not a Facebook fan! Or maybe it's because you don't have a little girl :) I cannot tell you how excited I am to photograph Madeline and the little girls that were here today in their Matilda Jane attire! Spring better get here very quickly because I have big plans...

I have an exciting update for you. One of my photos can be seen on Frederick Co. Government's new Sustainability webpage of the beautiful Miss B.

And in other published news, last month, my Brag Books were featured on Design Aglow at and since then, I've been innundated with photographers all over the country wanting to know how I made those Brag Books. Pretty cool.

I have a new product to show you tomorrow, some exciting shoots coming up but for now, I leave you with another photo of that cutie pie from last weekend.

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Caitlin Domanico said...

Yea girl! You are on fire!!!!