Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coffee Table Books

Tomorrow I will be helping to judge a local high school photo contest.... how fun is that?!!! Because they've asked me to come during the morning when I have Madeline, I'll be bringing my very reliable "assistant" to help me with the judging process! I believe her criteria is, "ba-ba? Elmo? ball?" Those usually get a "WOW!" from her... hope someone photographed Elmo...

Okay, so here's what I really wanted to post new coffee table books! I have it shown here with a custom photo cover but I also sell them in solid leather covers. The pages are super thick and the spine is hinged so that it lays flat on the table. This is a baby girl example where I combined the baby session and the maternity session (LOVE that!) but could easily work for any girl or even an engagement album since the color is customizable.

Because I love these books so much, I also purchased a custom template for an adorable baby boy template and a bright vibrant colored family one... working on a sample layout for those.

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