Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just my kid

My Saturday session postponed until later on this week so that gave me a free weekend and some time to post some recent photos of Madeline. We ventured out to Toys 'R Us today because I decided that an 18-month old needs a toy shopping cart and on the way there, I took advantage of this photo opportunity.

This one was inspired by my fellow photographer friend Heather. When I saw her photo, I knew I had to something similar for Madeline because it was so fitting for her so I turned it into a storyboard. Every night I have to read her books and not just one, at least three. She's the only kid I know who will walk right past a dancing Elmo and go straight for a book instead. Once I get this mounted and hung, I'll post a photo of the final product!
Sometimes I just miss being in the studio!


Mommy07 said...

She is getting SO BIG, and SO Cute...she looks like such a toddler now =)
Hope all is well- I just signed up for a photography class at the local college to better know my camera before pursuing the business end of things, you are such an inspiration on many fronts!!!

Little Moon Photography said...

Awww, so cute!! That storyboard is perfection!