Friday, February 13, 2009


I have been on a new product kick lately and excited to show you some of my new offerings.

For now,I'll start out with some photos I've been meaning to put up of the storyboards I offer mounted to styrene. There are two examples here of how I display them. The first is in my daughter's room above her bed. I just punched a hole through the styrene and hung with a ribbon and the second is simple enough, just lean them up against a shelf. What I like about these most is that you don't have to frame them this way if you don't want to but... since they are protected with a lustre finish, you could just frame them with a wooden frame, no glass and be done with it.
Simple enough. Just the way I like it.

Check back this weekend for more product photos I am excited to introduce... and a newborn baby session coming up on Sunday!

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