Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Art for My Kitchen...

...compliments of my lovely cook whose cooking skills with plastic grapes and plastic carrots will amaze you.

I was totally inspired to do this by a wonderful photographer Lyndsay Stradner of Life in Motion Photography, Austin, TX (thank you Lyndsay for the nice words about my version!). My dining room and kitchen walls are bland and I like my artwork to be personal. Maddy has the most adorable kitchen already so I moved it from the basement up to the dining room because I liked the red walls against her kitchen (I hit the wall in the process coming up the steps but we won't tell the hubby, mmm kay?!!).

Then she turned around and did this when I asked her to give me a model pose.

... "come here and kiss the cook, why don't cha!" This might be one of my most favorite shots of her ever. I love how she makes each one of my photos so much more personal to me.

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Susan and Tony said...

I love her! and the contrast is beautiful!