Monday, April 27, 2009

5 Week Old Surprise

This beautiful baby boy was an angel on Sunday which I know made his mom very happy. He was a little older than I like to photograph newborns (under 2 weeks is ideal) but surprise, surprise, I was wrong. He was wonderful and let me position him with just a leeeeetle fight on his part.

He joins a loving family who are so obviously smitten with him!

I think he looks just his gorgeous mom!
I really thought mom was an interior designer but turns out she is a very talented decorater and especially talented at finding very unique pieces of furniture and accessories. This is a changing table (underneath the top board) and is definitely the most gorgeous changing table I've ever seen.

Love the bright eyes and tiny smirk!
So peaceful and so happy here.


Susan and Tony said...

Baby Feet!!! Love that table too!

Barbara said...

Great photos! What a sweet smile on a peacefully sleeping baby - he must be having some lovely dreams - and what an attractive family!